Reflections: Feelings About the Mirror


Positive Self ImageI nervously approached “The Mirror” at the BlogHer conference expo hall this morning. I took the white headphones that were handed to me and placed them on my head. I breathed for a few moments before looking up into my eyes in the gold framed full-length mirror. A woman’s voice started to speak, “Look at those beautiful blue eyes. They sparkle with happiness. Your smile lights up the room. Your skin is beautiful, soft, and clear. The dusting of freckles on your nose is adorable. You are beautiful, not only on the outside, but so much on the inside. A moment does not go by that others don’t notice it. You are a gift to the world. You play a lot of roles in your life and sometimes you may feel like you’re not enough. Look in the mirror at your beautiful self and remember, you have enough time, you have enough love, you have enough. You ARE Enough…” As women, we’re experts at building others up while tearing ourselves down with comparisons and self criticism. I had trouble looking myself in the eye as the mirror was showering me with love. Each time I glanced away, she told me she understood it was difficult, but that I needed to look at myself again. I don’t remember everything the mirror said, but the experience is one I’ll never forget. The mirror is a marketing tool used by TheMrs., a new band of women in their 30’s and 40’s. They are launching their first single, Enough, at the BlogHer conference. “Amid tales of teenage heartbreak and gone-wild nights at the club, where’s the music for women like us? We weren’t hearing our lives reflected on the radio, so we decided to sing it ourselves.” The band’s music, The Mirror and their mission to change the way women see themselves. Today I want you to see yourself the way others see you. Look in the mirror. Don’t glance, but deeply look into your eyes and acknowledge your beauty, your brilliance, and all the ways you bless your family, your friends, the world. You are beautiful inside and out. You are deserving. You are enough. This rocked my world today, and I’m passing it on in hopes that it will rock yours too. Pay it forward. Love, Heather


  1. Finally…you see yourself the way I have seen you your whole life. An amazing gift! Keep looking in that mirror.

  2. WOW, Heather! It sounds like we all need to take a look in this mirror. How do we find it? Not listening to the negative voices or seeing thru our critical eyes is very hard when it comes to ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

    • Heather Stephens says:

      It is so hard to shut those negative voices up, but I’d love to be the mirror for you, anytime!

  3. Hello, Heather. This is a wonderful article. I have to be reminded of how beautiful I am and that I am enough. Thanks for that. =D

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